Fly Malawi 2019

May 10th, 2017

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Pilots wishing to be amongst of the first humans to free fly in Malawi are welcome to register, come January of 2018, for three different opportunities between May and August of 2019.

All pilots will be greeted by Mathew at the airport in Lilongwe and taken to, and lodged at, the beautiful Nazareth Community Centre in Mganja village. Mathew will act as your personal guide, translator and best friend.

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The three opportunities are:

1. Volunteer Instructor

You will spend one month or more, working one on one, with a young Malawian man or woman who dreams to fly as well. We will arrange their equipment and accommodation. Mathew will be available to support you as a wind technician or guide in the landing area. Students will be fluent in English.

Click here for more information on instructing.

2. Volunteer Tandem Pilot

You will spend two weeks or more flying whenever you like, gifting tandem flights to the beautiful people of the Mganja Village area. We have a tandem kit on site, ready for you to use. You are also welcome to bring your own kit and fly solo when you choose.

Click here for more information on flying tandem.

3. Solo Pilot

You will spend two weeks or more flying whenever you like. There are options to fly in other parts of the country once you have flown Mganja for at least one week. Mathew will be able to accompany you if he has not already committed himself to supporting volunteers or other pilots in the Mganja area.

Click here for more information on flying solo.

Space is limited so you are encouraged to contact us immediately to express your interest. Mention which of the three opportunities you are interested in, as well as when you are available and your experience level. We will respond as soon as possible.

Who Is Mathew Hau Hau?

Mathew is the School of Dreams Operations Manager, Malawi's only active Paraglider Pilot and your new best friend!  [right:image:22617]He first met with Benjamin shortly after the discovery of the Mganja flying site during the 2014 Expedition. Of the eight people interviewed for future pilot training, Mathew was the only one who found ways to keep in touch on a regular basis until Benjamin's return, two years later.  It is worth noting that, after the many challenges which arose in 2014, Benjamin was on the fence about continuing the project. It was, in fact, Mathew's keenness to learn and desire to fly which motivated the Canadian to return.  Thanks to his fantastic English and hard work ethic, he and Benjamin were able to exceed the three main goals they had set out to complete during their time together in May and June of 2016.  [show:image:22465] [b]Goals Completed:[/b][ol] [li]Make Mathew into a competent novice pilot (27 flights and 5 hrs logged)[/li] [li]Set up a Solar Powered Internet Cafe for local youth.[/li] [li]Create local jobs by purchasing sewing machines and teaching local moms to sew.[/li] [/ol]Since Jordan left at the end of June, Mathew has flown several dozen more times and has taught himself to fly cross-country. He has also taken on teaching the youth how to use the new Internet resources and works with the women on various community sewing projects.  [show:image:22633]  [right:image:22595]Mathew is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet and is overjoyed at the thought of international pilots coming to fly with him next year!  When you visit the School of Dreams, Mathew will be happy to meet you at the airport in Lilongwe (LLW) and help you immerse yourself in the community and culture, at your own pace.  

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Open for Dream Business!

Today is a day we can all join hands and Celebrate! Today marks a milestone of determination and the power of Dreams in the face of Fear, Adversity and Despair.  Friends, Today, many pieces of a very complex puzzle will align as the first ever School of Dreams participant will step foot in Malawi and begins engaging with the magic we've all, in some way, big or small, contributed to by standing behind this unique concept.  [right:image:22839][url=/participants/matthew_van_zyl]Matthew van Zyl[/url] of South Africa, we welcome you as the first, non-commercial, Solo Pilot to begin the magical Dream Exchange process with the beautiful people of Malawi. May you share your gifts and be equally moved and inspired by theirs, and may your wing soar high as the hearts of the children, excited to greet you upon your return to Earth.  On top of bringing gliders for future paragliding students for supervised ground-handling, Matthew will bring his passion for inspiring classrooms around the world about this wonderful form of free-flight.  Inspired? [url=/opportunities/fly_malawi_2018]Registration for 2018[/url] will open next January.  [b]Today, you can Support this Project by:[/b]  [url=/opportunities/contribute_equipment]Contributing Small or X-Small, Airworthy, Student[/url] gliders to the project Grabbing an [url=]Adventure Bag[/url], made from recycled paragliders by proud mothers of Malawi Downloading any of Benjamin's inspiring [url=]Adventure Documentaries[/url] Today!  Thank you all! <3 Ben  [group:image:22842][group:image:22838][group:image:22840]

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Cool new bags, hand-made from Recycled Paragliders!

Adventure Bags & Pouches

Adventure Bags are hand-made from recycled paragliders and traditional Malawian Chitenje cloth. Each bag is a unique piece of functional art and was made by a proud mom who learned to sew at The School of Dreams in Malawi. Read more.. or Get Yours Today!