The Dream Lights Project

The Challenge:

Less than 2% of Malawian youth will attend high-school. Less than 2% have light in their homes. The fact of the matter is that, once a child's chores are done, the equatorial region sun has long since set and, without a study light, Malawian youth are unable to do homework and therefore perform poorly in school.

Our Solution:

In 2018, The School of Dreams program partnered with Goal Zero to distribute Solar Powered Light Kits to ten homes of students showing a passion for school. The kits include: A 14-watt panel, 50-watt battery and two 5-watt LED lights.

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Even Cooler:

The Dream Lights are not only allowing students to continue their studies at night, but also allowing their parents to spend more time to complete important tasks like "knuckling" and storing their maize harvest for the winter.

We have also just heard that one of the Dream Light Students, Redson Massassa passed his grade-eight exams with flying colours and will be going on to highschool next year! Go Redson!!!

Click here to see the complete Dream Lights photo gallery.

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