Solar Powered Internet Center

It's Amazing! Kids come to the centre before school to put the solar panels in the sun. After classes, they run back to retrieve the charged battery to plug in the array of online devices.

Some kids want to be journalists, others engineers or doctors. Though most youth don't have electric light in their homes, the center makes working late and accessing information about the things they are passionate about, a realty.

Despite concerns of the technology gap being to much of a stretch, most kids are masters of the touch screens, wikipedia and Facebook within a matter of days. Some have even taken the next step of catering pictures with the centre camera and uploading them to their profiles.

Equipment List:

  • Ipad 2 (3G Internet Enabled)
  • Samsung Galaxy 2 (3G - carrier locked so not presently online)
  • Le Pan Android Tablet (no internet)
  • Amazon Kindle E-Reade (offline)

  • Goal Zero Nomad 20 Nomad 13 Solar Pannels
  • Goal Zero Sherpa 100 portable power pack

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