Matthew van Zyl  (Solo Pilot)
South African born, Matthew van Zyl has been traveling around the world with my paraglider on his back and a pocket full of hopes and dreams of making it a better place for all, especially the kids.

Traveling with a paraglider has sent him to 15000 ft above the desert floors of Utah, to gently soaring on Hong Kong's dragon back, all the while, giving back to kids in the local community's by offering talks and demonstrations at local schools.

Matt is super stoked to work with the team at School of Dreams and helping to make the dream of free-flight a reality for the bright young minds of the kids of Malawi

Sam Kahuna

[right:image:22817]Meet Sam, a keen Adventurer and Paragliding Instructor from the UK.  Back home, Sam has transformed his love for the Great Outdoors and Teaching into his work, offering Bushcraft and Forest Skills programs to Schools and Youth Groups.  His inspiration to teach paragliding was partly motivated by Jordan's documentary, [url=]The Boy Who Flies[/url], about helping young, Godfrey Masauli become Malawi's first paraglider pilot.  Today, Sam is taking his inspiration full-circle by gearing up to become one of the first volunteer instructors to share the gift of flight with the beautiful people of Malawi.  [group:image:22826][group:image:22822][group:image:22824]

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Jennifer & Alan Flemming

'As for why the project speaks to me, it has a lot to do with my ending up with two new toasters this year. Yes I like toast a lot, and sure there's a fairly reasonable explanation (one's a toaster oven,) but I realized at some point that nobody really needs two toasters.  We have so much luxury and comfort in our lives that not everybody shares, and I want to learn how to spread that around. And, with the state of politics in the US turning so many people inward and away from each other, I was compelled to reach out somewhere totally new to expand my world and my connections.   I smile most when I'm flying or traveling, and from what I've seen so far Malawians smile most of the time no matter what, so it seems a natural combination.   I've started practicing Chichewa, and one of the first websites I found list four different ways to say I am happy! That's reason enough for me.'  -Alan  [group:image:22869][/][group:image:22870][/][group:image:22868][/]

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Adventure Bags & Pouches

Adventure Bags are hand-made from recycled paragliders and traditional Malawian Chitenje cloth. Each bag is a unique piece of functional art and was made by a proud mom who learned to sew at The School of Dreams in Malawi. Read more.. or Get Yours Today!