The Welcoming Committee

May 23rd, 2014 - Mulanje, Balaka, Malawi

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I couldn't believe my eyes. There were hundreds. Three, four, maybe even five hundred children flowing down the street like a flooded riverbed. As I set up my landing approach, I marvelled at the distances that some of these children must have run to celebrate my first Malawian free flight.

The energy that was circulating below my feet was intense. All the children scurried out from under my feet as I came in to land. Concerned that I would be swarmed with tiny bodies and a bazillion questions, I frantically balled up my glider and turned to head home, only to realize that I had been completely enclosed with five hundred silent, confused faces.

It is becoming very clear to me that, as much as Malawi is a great flying mystery to me, I am just as much a mystery to it.

In search of Malawian Gold

It's hard to believe it that it's finally happening. Tomorrow marks the day that our great Malawian Paragliding Expedition begins.  Godfrey and I have been doing Hike 'n Flys at Mount Mulanje all week, testing our camping gear and connecting as a team. Come dawn, we will head out into the beautiful unknown to discover all of what this magical country has to offer the world of free flight.  This time, we will be travelling in a jeep Godfrey and his father have lovingly restored, enabling us to travel to Malawi's furthest reaches and most rural parts.  Ultimately, our goal is to find dozens of great flying spots and the perfect location for the School of Dreams, Malawi's first paragliding school and Community Development Center.  Please join us on this incredible journey by returning to this web site and 'liking' our new Facebook page: [url=][/url]  <3 Ben

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