The Dream Exchange -- For Malawians, it's an opportunity to achieve the dream of human flight. For visitors, it provides the Cultural and Adventure Experience of a lifetime.

Inspiring Communities

When a Malawian man or woman takes to the skies, thousands of people watch and become inspired to achieve their own, great life goals. So far, the our paragliding activities have created a visible increase in the number of children motivated to attend school in the areas exposed to free-flight.

Community Projects

We have also established two additional community programs to help people explore their new found inspiration.

In 2016, we added two sewing machines to its community space in Mganja Village. Women from the village have learned to sew and use their new skills at the centre to provide additional income to their homes, their main focus being saving up enough to prevent their family from starving if this years harvest produces low yield.

Learn about the Women's Tailoring Project.

Also in 2016, we opened the doors to the youth run, Solar Powered Internet Center. Kids come to the centre before school to put the solar panels in the sun. After classes, they run back to retrieve the charged battery to plug in the array of online devices.

Learn about the center.

Cool new bags, hand-made from Recycled Paragliders!

Adventure Bags & Pouches

Adventure Bags are hand-made from recycled paragliders and traditional Malawian Chitenje cloth. Each bag is a unique piece of functional art and was made by a proud mom who learned to sew at The School of Dreams in Malawi. Read more.. or Get Yours Today!