The Community Center

Situated at the foot of Malawi's Dedza Mountain Range lies the warm and welcoming Nazareth Communtiy Centre. A place for locals to find work or learn about sustainable farming practices, Nazareth (or "Naz") is unique in that, while it has received support to establish itself, the twelve year project has been developed entirely by the local community, under the leadership of Sister Josefa.

Josefa is a shining star of a human being. As an educated, independent Malawian woman, she dreams to empower the villages around her through her lead-by-example approach to permaculture, self-reliance and by creating a safe space, for youth and adults alike, to come and discover the passions; something which can be quite challenging under the social pressures of rural, Malawian life.

The centre itself has two beautifully constructed guesthouses, hot, running water, flower and vegetable gardens and a large community hall, perfect for group activities such as paragliding theory lessons.

Beyond bringing tourism business to the centre, The School of Dreams project, has added to Naz by implementing a Solar Powered Internet Ceter for youth as well as bank of public sewing machines within the community space.

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