A Gem in the Cloud

Last week, we set out to fly from the east lookout of the Zomba Plateau. It's a unique spot in the south of Malawi with a paved way to the top.  Upon arrival, the weather changed for the worse. The clouds and wind consumed us. For a white, we felt defeated and, just as we were about to leave, MacDonald, the man we met selling precious stones at the lookout asked us to stay longer.  'We have to go because we have run out of food' we re

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In search of Malawian Gold

It's hard to believe it that it's finally happening. Tomorrow marks the day that our great Malawian Paragliding Expedition begins.  Godfrey, Erica an I have been doing Hike 'n Flys at Mount Mulanje all week, testing our camping gear and connecting as a team. Come dawn, we will head out into the beautiful unknown to discover all of what this magical country has to offer the world of free flight.  This time, we will be travelling in a j

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The Welcoming Committee

I couldn't believe my eyes. There were hundreds. Three, four, maybe even five hundred children flowing down the street like a flooded riverbed. As I set up my landing approach, I marvelled at the distances that some of these children must have run to celebrate my first Malawian free flight.  The energy that was circulating below my feet was intense. All the children scurried out from under my feet as I came in to land. Concerned that I woul

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Becoming a Father

Seeing my dear friends, Ben and Erica, in Malawi, fills my heart with a much joy and even more anxiety.   The last time I saw them was on our USA tour. As my hosts abroad, they helped me deal with the new culture and all of the mystery that came with it. Like a baby in the arms of his parents, I could relax in their care.   The tables have now turned around. For four months, I will be the caretaker. It is a dream come true to share my

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Adventure Bags & Pouches

Adventure Bags are hand-made from previously flown paragliders and traditional Malawian Chitenje cloth. Each bag is a unique piece of functional art and was made by a proud mom who learned to sew at The School of Dreams in Malawi. Read more.. or Get Yours Today!